About the Blog!

This blog started in 2009 and has seen a lot of changes and transitions. I started the blog as a single girl in an apartment near DC’s Chinatown and now find myself married with a Goldendoodle, living in a new house in Arlington!
My food and fitness habits have also seen their fair share of changes – from vegan to vegetarian to pescatarian. From working out daily, to working out….monthly? I still continue to struggle with balance between relationships, work, food, and health. Reading blogs and inconsistently blogging myself, has always been inspiring to me. Let the journey towards balance continue…

12 thoughts on “About the Blog!

  1. Wow vegan for 5 years! I have tried a vegan diet and believe it is truly a healthy way to eat but very difficult in our society so I have settled for a healthy balance of everything. Love your blog!

  2. It is fun to review your blog. I am thrilled that you desire to be healthy. I hope that soon you will add spiritual to your list of what it means to be healthy. I pray that all of my children will find a church home or minimally a bible study to keep them rooted in Jesus. This world is so enticing. Love, MOM

  3. you may want to attend the private opening of cafe green on 17th st — tomorrow night–if you’re interested send me an email and i’ll forward the invite


  4. I stumbled upon your blog and sounds like we have a a lot in common! Look forward to reading future posts…

    P.S. I graduated in May and moved back home to the DC area- are there ever any local blogger meet ups? That would be fun!

  5. Hi! It’s Tony’s girl friend, your blog is wonderful! I’m gonna send it to my sister who is vegetarian and does a lot of cooking! Really enjoyed it any wait to see more!

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